Laura Ilg, a pregnant Ohio woman was shot dead by her two-year-old son with a gun that had been left loaded in the house. Ilg called the police shortly after the incident and explained to police that she had been shot in the back by her toddler. Her son had gained access to the usually secure bedroom in which there were three guns laid out on the nightstand. The 31-year-old was conscious when the police arrive and was rushed to the hospital, dying hours later due to her injuries. Her unborn child could not be saved either, even after an emergency C-section. The 9mm handgun used in the shooting belonged to Ilg’s husband who was not home during the incident. According to the Pew Research Center, About 40% of US households have guns and most of those homes also have children. The local Police Chief David Smith spoke on gun safety in America, particularly in homes that house small children. "Trigger locks, gun safes, there are a million varieties, they’re not that expensive. At the very least, leave them unloaded", Police Chief David Smith.

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